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Last Update: 13th Feb 2012   VIEWS: 1,885

Beautiful paintings made by artist Maitri Sahoo ( email: Phone: 9437598355 ) of Cuttack at Shree Jagananth Pancha Ratra Programme , the painting derived from the poem of Jagannathastakam. With one interview she said the art is only the devotional service ( seva ) to Lord Jagannath.

O ocean of compassion,
Whose form resembles a range of thick clouds,
Who treks his way with Laxmi and Saraswati
Whom Lord of the deities adore with
Vedic chanting, waving of flames and reading
His leelas in rhyme,
O Lord, the Master of the Universe,
appear in my vision.

Photo: Ranjan Ganguly
Video: Puri Waves

Jagananth Pancharatra Jagannathastakam