Banabhoji Besha – Costume Of Lord Jagannath




It is done on Bhadraba Krushna Dasami (the 10th day of the dark fortnight in Bhadraba). The deities are dressed like cowherd boys, as if they are going to attend a picnic. Fun loving Lord Krushna ( Krishna ) always loves for adventure and natural beauty, it alwys reflect in Lord Jagannath culture. Krishna Devotee always find Lord Krishna in Lord Jagananth . Lord Krishna is one of the Purna Avatar ( Full Inncrnation ) of Lord Jagannath. In Jagannath temple, all balya lilas ( activity) are conducted as rituas after Lord Krishna birth ( Janmastami ) . Bana Bhoji Besha, is one of special attaire of Lord Jagananth, illustrate the fun-loving side of Lord Krishan. Lord Krishna with his elder brother Balaram goes to Picnic whith thier friends, they cary pots of full of cream ( lahuni ) . Exactly the same visualization In Bana Bhoji besha, they also wear a lot of gold ornaments that reflect their royal lineage. The most striking, known as suna kia, resembles the petal of kewda flower. On the head of each god are set 25 such ornaments. The other jewels used during this occasion are the odhiani, tilaka, and a number of necklaces. Like all Beshas in the Puri shrine, this one take place at a specified time as recorded in a book known as The Record or Rights. It starts post lunch and remains until the evening food offering is over (the Puri temple deities are offered ritualistic food at least six times a day, from breakfast to supper).

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