kartika masa, habisha arna, agasti saga dalama




Agasti leaves & flower are used as saag in kartik month ( October – November ), the old women specially widow in Odisha, observe Habisha and worship Radha Madhab.They cook and eat the leaves of Agasti as leafy vegetables or saag.

kartika masa, habisha arna, agasti saga dalama

kartika masa, habisha arna, agasti saga dalama

The flowers, young leaves and tender pods of the white flowered Agasti are edible. Young pods are eaten like string beans. Flowers are an excellent source of calcium, fair source of iron and very good source of vitamin B.

In Ayurved Agasti Leaves used as tonic, diuretic, laxative, antipyretic, chewed to disinfect mouth and throat. Flower in headache, dimness of vision.

Kartika Masa habisha Kartika Month

Budhei Sudhei Osha – BudhiBamana Osha

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