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In ancient time Dola Utsav was celebrated on a pavilion situated in Agni kona ( South East corner ) Of Jagananth Temple. The pavilion is called Dola Mandap and the street is called Dolamandap Sahi. Once in a celebration, Shribhuja ( hand ) of Lord Jagannath had broken due to accidental broken of swing. After that incident, representative deity ( Chalanti Pratima – Bije Pratima) of Lord Jagannath joined the function (Dola Utsav) always. Several years passed the pavilion ruined, Shri Bira Keshari Deba constructed one new Mandap outside from Meghanad Wall, Mandap is generally known as Dola Bedi. At the present time Dola Purnima is celebrated at Dola Bedi.

Dola Utsav Dola Bedi Kono Dola bedi