Siddha Mahavira Temple




Sidha Mahavir

Sidha Mahavir

The temple is located in the Siddha Mahavira Patna, in the north eastern outskirt of Puri which can be approached on the right side of the road branching from the Marine drive road near the railway label crossing. The presiding deity is Veer Hanuman, one of the most beautiful & largest image in Orissa.

The sanctum preserves a large image of Mahavir (Hanumana) as the presiding deity of the temple. The image is about 6 feet in height. He holds gada in left hand and a massive rock boulder (Gandha-Mardana Parvata) in right hand. The deity has been installed on the decorated masonry pedestal of 2 feet high. The slab of the presiding deity is carved with a series of diminutive Hanuman figures in different postures. They are locally considered as the asta-mallas such as Sugriba, Jambu bahana, Bali, Angada, Susena etc. These figures are also believed to be the eight advisers of Lord Rama during his expedition to Lanka to fight against Ravana for rescue of Sita .

Siddha Mahavira Patna

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