Taresvara Temple Puri Pipili Delang




Taresvara temple is located on the right side of Pipili-Delang Road. It can be approached by a narrow road branching at Odatarabai chowk and the temple is about l3 km. from Delang station and 9 km. from Pipili.

The presiding deity is a patalaphuta sivalinga within a square yonipatha made of black chlorite. Festival like Sivaratri, Kartikapurnima, Dolapurnima, Sankrati, Rakhipurnima are observed. Exteriors are decorated entirely with new stucco images such as amorous couple, erotic, animal and bird like horse, elephant, swan, peacock etc. and pidham undiniches in the parsavadevata niches, udyotasimha and deulacharini on the beki.

Sankrati Kartika Purnima Ganga Rule

Festival in Puri

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