Varahi Temple at Bali Sahi, Puri Orissa




Mother Barahi

A beautiful image of Varahi at Bali Sahi, Puri town is four-handed holding a fish and a skull cup in the upper two arms, while the lower right one is in abhaya and the lower left holds a child on her lap. She is worshipped by the Brahmin priest with non-vegetarian food, particularly fish. The image with bold workmanship emitting celestial smile and grace looks elegant. It is dated to the Bhaumakara period. The rituals Durgapuja, Solapuja, Navapatrikapuja, Sitalsasthi etc. are observed at Varahi Temple, Puri

As per the iconographic and stylistic features of the presiding deity the construction of the temple assigned to the 13th century AD.

The inner walls of the temple are decorated with various paintings like Vimala, Mahalaxmi, Nilasarasvati, Bangala, Dhanavati, Chhirnamasta, Bhubanesvari, Sodasi and Shyamakali. There are six images on both sides of the entrance of the sanctum. The images are of Maa Simhamukhi, Ganga, Varahi, Vyaghramukhi, Ganesa and Yamuna.

Photo Courtesy : ODISSI DANCER Charu Nartan

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