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The temple is located on the left bank of river Daya, and situated on the left side of S.E. Railway and about 11 Km. from Motari railway station and on the left side of Khurda-Pattnayikia road. The Hill is locally called Biswanath Mundia.

Biswanath Mundia

BISWANATH temple, Popularly known as BISWANATH Mundia is famous for Lord Siva Biswanath. It is situated at the top of a Mundia(ROCK).It is 1/2 km from Delang Block and the Block is situated at just lower to the BISWANATH Mundia. The nearest Station is Motari and Kanas Road. But Motari station is at walkable distance from the BISWANATH Mundia. Mahasivratri, Mahabisuv sankranti and many more days of Lord Siva, are celebrated here. Marriages are also held here. It is a very good place for picnic.

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