Mohini Ekadashi, remove the afflictions and sins




Mohini Ekadashi, as other Ekadashi day it has some special significance for Hindus. The day occur at Shukla Paksha phase of moon) in the month of April/May. It is believed who observe this fast overcome the sadness and contrition.

Mohini Ekadashi falls in the month of Baisakh, the greatness about Mohini Ekadashi narrated to Yudhishtira by Lord Krishna. ( Surya Purana ). It is said Guru Basistha advised Prabhu Sree Ram to observe for eradicating the sadness and contrition caused from the separation from Maa Sita.

Regular Practise to observe this fast as usual like other Ekdashi, avoid Rice eating is one rule to observe it.

The sage Basishtha replied, ‘Oh Lord Rama, Oh You whose intelligence is so keen, simply by remembering Your name one can cross the ocean of the material world. You have questioned me in order to benefit all of humanity and fulfill everyone’s desires. I shall now describe that day of fasting which purifies the whole world. ‘Oh Rama, that day is known as Baisakha-sukla Ekadasi, which falls on Dvadasi. It removes all sins and is famous as Mohini Ekadasi. Truly, Oh dear Rama, the merit of this Ekadasi frees the fortunate soul who observes it from the network of illusion. Therefore, if You want to relieve Your suffering(s), observe this auspicious Ekadasi perfectly, for it removes all obstacles from ones path and relieves the greatest miseries. Kindly listen as I describe its glories, because for one who even just hears about this auspicious Ekadasi, the greatest sins are nullified.iskcondesiretree
Surya Purana Ekadashi Baisakh

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