Mokshada Ekadashi – One way for Salvation




Mokshada Ekadashi, popularly know as Gita Jayanti, the brat day falls in the period November – December ( Margasira Month ) . The Ekadashi Brat also known as Mauna Ekadashi . As the name suggest, Moksada refer to liberation from birth . Observing the the ritual, helps in attaning Salvation ( Liberation )

Gita Jayanti

Legend said, One popular hindu ruller in past named King Vaikanasa had a dream, his father being pushed into hell. Consulting with Paravat Muni, the king has advised to observe the Moksada Ekadashi. As directed the king and his wife observed the Brat and finally able to help the king from the hell.

Ekadasi Mokshada Ekadashi One way for Salvation

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