Indrahati Prastab Lila – Indra Utsav Purnima – Shri Krushna Lila Prastab

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Bhadraba Sukla Purnima is know as Indra Utsav Purnima festival, the Indrahati Prastab Lila is performed near Badachata Matha, Puri. Indrahati Prastab Lila is one of ritual act of Shri Krushna Lila Prastab. The elephant Airabata and Lord Indra is performing from Baseli Sahi.

Photo Credit: Arobinda Mohanty

After geting Angya Mala, Sri Dola Govinda reach to Badachata Matha. Sital Bhog is offered by Bhitacha Mohapatra, then Bandapana ritual of Indra,chandra aur Govinda commenced.

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