Raahgiri Day at PURI Playful Street Activity on SUNDAY

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Raahgiri Day (meaning a day for passengers) was the first step in that direction. The concept is inspired from ‘Ciclovia’ a weekly event in Bogota, Columbia. People can come on the road to cycle, skate, run, walk, play games or participate in the multiple activities organized at the event venue Of Rahagiri (yoga, aerobics, dance performances, band performances, street plays, running events, cycle rallies, sports tournaments etc.)

Raahgiri Day At Puri, citizen of Puri are enjoying these type of fun activities at 1st Sunday of Rahagiri Day. But these street events are not new to this cultural & heritage town. They all are experienced in Sahi Jatra, street play performance in the cultural street of Puri Town. People are enjoying for the new revolutions, they free to act at own performance. ” Apni Rahein, Apni Azaadi ” – All the citizen are free to act like Yoga, Painting, Singing, Sprts, Gotipua Dance, Art Craft Making. Many school and Corporate Houses are actively participate the colorful Event. Main Moto of Rahagiri Day to Stop 4 Wheeler vehicles on road for some period, spread awareness for healthy environment. Ragiri Day at Puri event supported by Puri District Administration, Puri Municipality and Rotary Club Puri. We hope more numbers of citizen of Puri will actively participate in this colorful street event.

The campaign was very well received by the public who responded in overwhelming numbers. The initiative has struck a chord with people from all age groups (kids to senior citizens) who come out every Sunday to enjoy the roads along with their family.

Raahgiri Day Raahgiri Day at PURI

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