Samudra Arati Function of Gobardhan Pitha

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Samudra ( Sea ) is called as Mahodadhi in Odiya Language, it is also called as Ratnakar. People believe in Hinduism, have a believe that Puri Sea Beach is sanctum, due to mixing of water brought by different holy rivers.

Samudra Aarati by Swami Nischalananda Saraswati Samudra Aarati by Gajapati king of Puri Dibyasingh Dev

Samudra Aarati [ocean prayer ceremony] is one the biggest function of Gobardhan Pitha where Aaarti of Samudra is conducted with lot of purity . Hundreds of saints and sadhus from across the nation, alongwith the Gajapati king of Puri Dibyasingh Dev, on  evening will participat in the annual Samudra Arati function,  perform by the Swami Nischalananda Saraswati, the Sankaracharya of Puri Goberdhan Peeth. The Sankaracharya, as per the provisions in the religious texts, had begun to worship the sea god Barun by offering arati .

Samudra Aarati has received huge response from across the nation, it also aims to support the cause of environment and the country’s unity and integrity.

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