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In the past the proposed of Sri krushna leela was enacted with the association of the sahi jatra. This Ceremony was being commenced from the 10th day of dark moon fort night in the month of Bhadrab (Augast-September) in each year. Now a days this Ceremony is being celebrated with the confinement of Sri Mandir only. Different Jaga, Akhada and gymnasiums of puri are not associated with the ceremony as was during the past. As the different jaga, Akhada and gymnaciums of puri are whole heartely involved in the Sri Rama leela. The same Spirit is not being possible in the ceremonious period of Sri krushna leela. The rituals of Sri krushna leela are fully associated with involvement of Sri Mandir as in the case of Sri Ram leela.

The famous Sahi jatra is being observed for a period of ten day with the association of different Jaga & Akhada of puri in Connection with Sri Ram Leela. According the Sahi jatra was observed on the proposed Sri krushna Leela for a period of thirteen days. As the end of sahi jatra in connection with Sri krushna Leela on the ten day of dark moon fort night, enactment of Ugrasen was organised by bali sahi Akhada . one new saree was given to Ugrasen on behalf of Sri Mandir.

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Rusian lady Fomina with ..

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