Costumes of Lord Jagannath in Kartika Month




Kartika Month is eight month in Hindu Calendar, the month is most auspicious. People celebrate Papankusa Ekadashi , Karva Chauth, Dhanteras, Dhanvantri Jayanti,Yam Deepdan, Govatsa Dwadasi, Kali Puja , Diwali, Lakshmi Puja, Bhai Dhooj, Pandav Panchami, Chatth Puja, Kushmanda Navami,

Costumes of Lord Jagannath in Kartika Month
Rama Ekadashi, Gobardhan Puja, Naga Chatrurthi Vaikunta Chaturdasi, Tulsi Vivah in all over India. Kartik is perhaps the holiest of all the months in the Hindu calendar characterised by many religious festivals.

The whole month of ‘Kartika’ is considered to be the most sacred for the pious Hindus. All of them take pre-dawn bath and visit temples. In Jagananth Temple Puri, Lord Jagananth with his elder brother and sister dress verities of costumes like Rai Damodar Besha, Laxmi Narayan Besha(Thia Kia Besha), Banka Chuda Besha, Tribikram Besha, Laxmi Nrushingha Besha, Raja Rajeswar Besha.


Banka Chuda Besha Thia Kia Besha) Raja Rajeswar Besha

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