The Monsoonal Swing-Festival of Lord Jagannath – Jhulan Yatra




The Monsoonal Swing-Festival of Lord Jagannath - Jhulan Yatra

Festivals display culture of race.
Common function exhibits uncommon
fervour of celestial pastimes in mind
And couples heart to heart often.
Four amorous pastimes of Srimandir.
In summer chandan, in monsoon Jhulan
Sarat Rasa in Autumn, Dola in spring

Devotees, rejoice all, sparing none.
Initially celebrated in Deva Sabha Mandap
in front of Sun Temple but now,
in front of Mukti Mandap-Portico
erected later with admirable show.

The streams of “Madhur bhaba” that flows
flood minds of aspirants firm
to impart divine grace to Mankind
“The Formless attains pastimes in Form”.

Radha disappears in Srimandir rituals
“swakiya bhaba” predominates “parakiya”
“gyana misra bhakti” survive alone
“gyana rahita” subsists in “sahajiya”

Before going to embellished swing
Madan Mohan, Sridevi, Bhudevi adorned
with fragrant flowers by servitors
and from Jagannath get order of garland.

The devotees assembled feel ecstatic
to behold spiritual couples in arbour
The singers like mates sing amorous songs
that unfold pastimes of Brindaban before

After worship of deities in arbour
with offerings and waving of light
Sridevi, Bhudevi go back to Simhasan
Madan mohan to south shrine closing rite.

This splendid display of monsoonal swing
celebrated in North India more
in memoir of Dwapar Brindaban pastime
adored with jasmine, michelia flowers.

This relates to all shrines of Vaishnavas
relates to Sitaram, Lakshmi Narayan
This is a pastime between Purusha & Prakruti
after parching summer, all rejoice rain.

Being born, brought up in Srikshetra
this poet avails chances to behold
Due to grace of paramount Jagannath
Who is spiritual son of this old.

Er. Raghunath Patra
Brindaban Dham, Lokanath Road, Patna Haat Sahi Lane Chhaka, Po/Dist- Puri-752001

festival Shrabana Masa

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