Neta Pila Rituals




In Jagannath Dham Puri, many traditional rituals are being observed in the Sevayata societies among them, the age old Neta Pila rituals. Young girls of Sevayata society adorn special costumes during last part of month Ashwina. The young girls offer prayers to Siva at Markandeya Temple early in the morning.  They sing hymns and offer fruits like coconut, corn, banana and water melon to Lord Shiva. They remain fast for five days eat only fruits. In customary attire ,  they used to wear special  pata Sarees and lot of jewelries for the ritual. This traditional rituals is observed by the young girls with ambition to have a good and strong husband.  

The young girls dressed bejeweled as traditional Odia Bohu during festival known as NETA PILA . They wear pants Saree s and different types of  ornaments of their previous generation in the family. After completion puja of Lord Shiva, they resorted to visit to families of their near and dears.  The Nets Pila rituals festival continues till Maha Nabami, the day on which young girls used to visit Markanda pond and take darshan of Lord Siva in the temple.

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Festival in Puri


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