Johi Rama Sohi Jagadisha – Ram Navami




Shree Jagannath was more established as Shree Ram by saint Tulasi Das. Like that of all religious scholars who visited the temple of Shree Jagannath at Puri, saint Tulasi Das also visited and saw Shri Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra on the grand throne. Saint Tulasi Das, an ardent devotee of Shree Ram, was disappointed not to see Sri Ram on the grand throne of the Grand Temple at Puri. Raghu Nadan Besha
Later, he was astonished to see Ram in Lord Jagannath, Shree Laxman in Lord Balabhadra and Sita in Goddess Subhadra. Hence, he immediately accepted Lord Jagannath as Shree Ram. In his famous writing, he has also expressed in Hindi ;

Johi Rama Sohi Jagadisha,
Dina Hi Ke Antana
Pabata Shesa, “Shesa Bhaya Lachhiman
Anuchari, Bhadra So Siya Rajkumari

(The gist of the above is, “He is Ram, Who is Jagannath”. Taking the above writing of saint
Tulasi Dash, the devotees of Shree Ram all over India accept Shri Jagannath as Shree Ram.)

The festival begins with the celebration of the birth of Shri Rama on the 9th day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra and continues for some days. Rama Lila is performed in which different sahis or localities in the town participate. During the birth month of Shree Ram i.e., Chaitra, for fifteen days, processions with idol of Shree Ram, Laxman and Sita are organized in different areas of Puri. Specifically, idols of Parsuram from Harachandi Sahi, Ravana from Balisahi, Maya Ravana from Dola Mandap Sahi are organized with pump and ceremony.

Jagadisha Rama

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