Nabanka Bedha Parikrama Story & Rituals




The beginning of Pausha Masa ( Dec – Jan ), Goddess Mahalaxmi is supposed to leave her consort Lord Jagannath on pleasant annual visit to ratnakar ( sea ) and the expensive  blue residence of father Varuna Dev . She is expectant of a cordial reception from the numerous foam – white apsrass (nymphs), the companion of her maidenhood. In the absence of Mahalaxmi, Yosoda the mother of Lord prepare this delicious Khechedi with the help of Maha Saraswati the learning incarnate, second wife of Lord Jagannath . Mother of Lord Jagannath believe the concept of early to rise, early breakfast, timely lunch and dinner would improve Lord’s health. For this reason she prepare early bhoga for Lord Jagannath called Pahili Bhoga.  The other four Bhogas including Pahili Bhoga are also offered on time unlike the past eleven months when Laxmi was in change in Kitchen . This reflect the entire family life in Shri Jagannath culture, one is divine love to child, life-giving, nourishing and other a detached, self-willed better-half. So they ( Mother & Wife ) imbued with differing degrees of love towards a son and a consort.

Nabanka Besha

Nabanka Besha

Mahalaxmi returns to Shri Mandir, a day before Makar-Sankranti with numerous bhaaras ( loads ) of newly harvested fine rice, curd, cheese, bannas, vegetables, molasses, spices, new clothes, millinery and ornaments gifted by her parents as her annual claims from her father’s house. She reach her lords house, nine times around the temple for a perfect display of all these presents in her trail. This ritual happens at evening period, day before Makra Sankranti, the ritual is called Nabanka Bedha. The next day Makar Sankranti the same rituals happens with eighty four times. She quarrel with Goddess Saraswati for exercising solo authority in the kitchen in her absence. These overbearing & naughty treatments towards Maa Saraswati, she withdraws herself from the kitchen with queen mother ( yasoda ) .  After some periods Lord Jagannath come to the place, with the help of sister Subhadra and Goddes Maa Bimala the quarrels end . Laxmi then dresses ( Makra Chaurasi Besha ) and feeds Lord Jagannath & His brother and sister of her father’s gifts, which is as Makara Chaaula Bhoga . She resumes her daily routines of cooking and libitum as before.

Makra Chaurasi Besha Pausha Masa festival in pousha month

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