Pankaudhar Ekadashi At Shri Lokannath Temple Puri




In 2017, the date of Pankaudhar Ekadashi is Wednesday, February 22nd.  Shri Lokannath is traditionally known as ‘Laukanatha’, Shri Ram worshiped one Lau or Lauka ( Pumpkin) as Shri Shankara when he searched for Maa Sita on his way to SriLanka. Lokanatha is situated at a distance of about 2½ kms to the west of Jagannatha temple of Puri. The western boundary of the Puri town is guarded by the temple of Lokanatha, which is traditionally said to have been established by Sri Ramacandra. Shri Lokannath is also regarded as the custodian of the treasury or bhandara-raksaka of the Jagannatha temple.

Shri Lokannath is visible to devotee once in a year on PankoUdhara Ekadashi day. The sanctum including the linga is filled with water throughout the year by a natural fountain. Three days before Shiba Chaturdashi night, all the water is freed and Shiba Linga becomes visible. Thousand of devotee wait for this holy event ( Pankoudhara ) complete and they take darshan of Shri Lokannath. It is belived that who suffered from accuate diseases come here for takeing Prasad and cure from diseses. The Prasad is only the decomposed of flowers, sandal paste, milk, Curd (yoghurt), honey, beetle leaves, Coconut water, bilva leaves throughout year in water, make special smell and taste being medicated as a whole.

According to popular tradition in Puri town, Lokanath represents the most important deity of Puri, although at present He enjoys the next position to Lord Jagannath. The Lokanath is the only one of the major
five Siva temples in Puri which is oriented towards the west.

Shiva Rarti Jagar Shri Lokannath Temple lokanath temple

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