Pankoddhar Ekadashi, Shree Lokannath Temple

Pankoddhar Ekadashi Lokannath Temple Shree Lokannath Temple
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    Shri Lokannath Temple At Puri is probably made in 11th century. The deity of temple ( Shri Lokannath ) was established by Lord Shree Ram. The upper part of the Sivalinga emits a stream. This symbolizes the holy river Ganga. This linga is visible to the devotees once in every year. The sanctum including the linga is filled with water throughout the year by a natural fountain. In the night of Pankoddhar Ekadashi (3 days before the famous Shivaratri festival) all the water is bailed out and the Shiva Linga becomes visible and thousands of devotees enable to worship the Lord.

    The offerings that were made throughout the year remains decomposed in water. People believe that it has curative properties. Therefore it is distributed it as Prasad.

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