Rekha Panchami – Gruhinam Rakhya Panchami




Rekha Panchami, also known as Raksha Panchami or Rakhya Panjami, the festival is dedicated to is dedicated to Batuk Bhairav – an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Rekha Panchami is observed on the fifth day of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadraba month.

At Jagannath Temple, the ritual of “Rahu Rekha Lagi” is also celebrated, Subarna Rahu Rekha is another Ornaments as like Subarna Chitta use to decorate the forehead of Triad. This is removed from the head of the deities on the day of Snana Purnima and is again put on in the month of Srabana.

As rituals  people worship Batuk Bhairav they paint Batuk Bhairav or Bhairav, Gaesha & Mahadev ( Shiba ) on doors of home. some People draw the picture of Nandi the vehicle of Lord Shiba on the Back door. The main reason behind the festival to protect themselves from wild animals. A prayer (invocation) to Lord Shiva is written on palm leaf and is hung on the top of the door. Along with the palm leaf, kusha grass and a small packet of rice also hung on the door. They offering foods to wild animal like snakes at night as rituals.

Mantra Use in Rekha Panchami Festival by Brahmans

“Pradoshe Kapate Ganapati Mahadev O Vairaban /Bilikhya Puja Purbak Rakhya Bandhang Kurjyaat”

“Om GhantaKarna Mohabir Sarbabyadhi Nibaranang | Srbopdrba Sanghat Bidraban Harapriyaha | Kanthe Jasya Mohanilang Bhusanang Jasya Pannagaha | Tejasing Tasya Debasya Rakhyantu Mama Mandiram”

“Jenabadhoo Baliraja Danabendro Mahasur | Tenotwangmapi Badhyanmi Rakhyamang Charamachala”

Rajju Dhrana Mantra
“Dwara Deba Namstuvyng Namaste Nandikesra Bhadrakrusna Panchmayang RakhyaRakhya Maheswarng”

Shrabana Masa Shrabana Month Rekha Panchami

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