Gopeswar Temple




“ରାସକ୍ରୀଡା ପରତତ୍ତ୍ୱ ବିଳାସିନ୍ ଗୋପରକ୍ଷକ ।
ଗୋପେଶ୍ୱର ! ସହ ବନ୍ଦେ ଗୋପାନି ର୍ଗୋପନାୟକମ ।”
“Rasakrisdia paratatwa bilasin goparakhyak |
Gopeswar ! saha bande gopani Gorpanayakam |”
Lord Gopeswar has established for the protection of Gopi and Gopa. In this temple family of Lord Shiba and Sri Krushna are worshiped. The Temple assume equal importance for both Vaisnaba and Shaiba community. Lord Gopeswar is the combination of both Lord Shiba and Bishnu. King Gopeswar Deba has built this temple, equal pray and worship for every deity has conducted here. Gopeswar Temple is at western side of Jagannath Temple ( Vitara Bedha [ inside ]).

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