Kalpabata Ganesha – Inside Jagannath Temple – Bata Ganesha




This Ganesha statue is at South Side of Jagananth Temple near Kalpabata ( Desire Fulfilling Baniyan Tree ). The idol is made of stone and it’s face is towards south. He has four arms. Right two hand adorned with Rudraksh garland, Lekhani ( Pen ) a broken tooth of and elephant. The Left two hands adorned with a weapn ( Parshu ) and Ladu ( Sweet). A mouse is established front of Ganesha. This mouse is a symbol of Odisha Sculpture. One staute of Sri Ganesha is the side God at the Temple of Hari Sahadeba. One Ganesha idol is also established in the temple of mother Sarva Mangala.

There are two courtyard in Sri Mandir. One is outer courtyard and other is inner  courtyard. There are many Ganesh Idols are seen inside the inner courtyards of Sri Mandir . Bata Ganesha is one of them. His shrine is situated at the root of Kalpabata. the height of this shrine is 12 feet. The height of idol is 4 feet. He seated on his throne with calm posture. He has four arms. He holds Rudraksha mala and a broken tooth of self in his both right hands. He holds parsu ( an arm ) and Ladu ( Sweet) in his left both hands respectively.  His mount the mouse situated in his front on a granite pedestal. One can feel sense of actual mouse scene while touching back of the granite mouse in few seconds. It belief that this Ganesh can fulfill all the desire as like as kalpataru. After construction of Sri Mandir, the Bata Ganesh was worshiped first. Daily rituals of Sri Bata Ganesh is managed by Sri Jagananth Temple admisistraion. During the month of Bhadraba Masa, on Ganesha Chaturthi day is being observed sacredly. All the servitors are engaged themselves in the service of God and Godess after offering their homage to Ganesha. .


ganesha ganapati cult Inside Jagannath Temple

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