Bhoga Mandapa – Mahaprasad (Bhoga ) Of Lord Jagannath




Jagannath Ballabha Bhoga Mahaprasad

Jagannath Ballabha Bhoga Mahaprasad

This Bhoga is offered from the hall of offering ( Bhogamandap ), basically for public. In this bhoga, the varities are Plain Rice, Ghee Rice, Khechudi, Kanika ( Sweet Rice ), Vegetable Curries, Dal, Dalama, Mahura, Besara, Saga, Dahi Baigana ( a curry made of curd & brinjal ), Gotasola, Gota Muga,

Madhuruchi, Dahibara, Jhili Khaja, Pheni, Salty Khuruma, Jagannath Ballav, Magaja Ladu etc. This Puja ritual of this bhoga is being done in Pancha Upachara. As per the demand of the devotees. The Bhogas are sold on payment basis.

bhoga mahaprasad Pancha Upachara

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