mahaprasad >> Sandhya dhupa ( Evening ) – Mahaprasad (Bhoga ) Of Lord Jagannath

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Amalu - Mahaprasad (Bhoga ) Of Lord Jagannath

Sandhya dhupa ( Evening ) is offred after the sandhya Alati, the different dishes offered are cooked rice, watered rice, amalu,, matha puli etc. This bhoga is offered near Ratna Singhshana and the ritual is sixteen upachara.

After the evening Arati, Sandhya Dhup Bhog is offered. This Arati is also called as Jaya Mangal Arati. Items are also prepared on request of devotees. The following items are presented for this Bhog.

      卐 Chipuda Pakhal – 14 Oli
      卐 Sana Oli Pakhal – 2 Oli
      卐 Kanar Puli – 3 Oli
      卐 Hata Poda Amalu – 7
      Sana Amalu – 83
      卐 Pani Pakhal – 23 Oli
      卐 Sakara – 5 Oli
      卐 Math Puli – 22
      Bada Amalu – 21