Green Tribunal approached for preservation of Puri temple




Raising concerns over various environmental hazards threatening the famous temple of Lord Jagannath located at Puri in Odisha and the violation of the costal regulation zone along the adjoining sea beach, city-based environmental activist Subhas Datta said here on Wednesday that he has approached National Green Tribunal on the issue.

Petition to be heard

Mr. Datta’s petition that will be taken up for hearing on May 1 raises issues such as burning of huge quantities of fire wood for preparation of “Mahaprasad” at the temple, discharge of untreated sewerage and drain water into the sea and operation of a cremation ground on the beach where several bodies are cremated every day.

Stating that the temple claims to have the “biggest open air hotel in the world” where food for thousands of people is cooked using firewood, he said that the authorities should either use green fuel or set up electro static precipitators to reduce pollution from the burning of fossil fuel.

“If for saving Victoria Memorial, open air ovens are not allowed within three km; for saving Taj Mahal, industries can be shifted; why cannot it be done for Jagannath Temple in Puri?” Mr. Datta asked.

The activist, who has also attached photographs of construction ignoring the costal zone regulations on the beach with his petition, says that the town is situated in a “high damage risk zone,” susceptible to flooding during cyclones.

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