Odia New Year organised in different way at Puri




Pana Sankaranty literally known as Maha Bisubha Sankaranty is celebrated as Odia New year in Odisha. Puri is the city of Lord Jagannath has celebrated the new year festival in different way and colors. People of puri has participated happily to celebrate the Odia new year.

Shree Mnadir Sanskruti and /paramprik Mahostav at Puri Shree Mnadir Sanskruti and /paramprik Mahostav at Puri
Shree Mandir Sanskruti and /paramprik Mahostav at Puri
Kusti Sports
Kusti at akheda(Jagaghar) at Puri
Naga Dance at Puri


Maha Bisubha Sankaranty Pana Sankaranty Odia New Year

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