Renovating the Sweta Ganga a old holy ancient tank




In Pilgrim Town Shree Jagannath Dham a Devote & Social worker from Sankhamandi Panchayat Pratapagiri village Ganjam Sri Mangulu Patra is now busy for Renovating the Sweta Ganga a old holy ancient tank situated at Bali Sahi Mouza Jagannath Dham Puri Sri Mangulu with his own money he was doing the renovating work.The people of orissa and outside tourist used to take holy bath at sweta ganga after the cremation of dead bodies of own people at Swargadwara of puri burning ghat. It is belived that all the sins will be washed away Hindus believe from ancient time.

Renovating the Sweta Ganga Renovating the Sweta Ganga

It one takes holy bath in the swata ganga tank, spread over about two acres Among five pancha Tirtha of puri one of the pancha tirtha in puri. Speaking the media personal he said that I have taken this decision from core heart after seeing the dilapidated condition of the swata ganga tank when I came to visit puri and local pancha tirtha. Thousands of people from orissa and tourist from different states take holy bath here.Sweta madhav is worshipped in the bank of this pond Sweta ganga while taking bath in panchatritha the devotees come here for ablution in this sacred tank .It is belived, there is an internal connection between swetaganga and river gangas .It could be possible only of lord jagannath and my father & mother blessing said patra. Nowadays the shree jagannath temple administration, which manage the tank, given permission to renovate the tank when mangulu patra approached it the temple admiration after getting permission sri patra started the renovation work from may 29.5.2010 .with 200 labour cost with own money daily .Now a days the temple administration only monitors the work from time to time and extends help to finish of the work as soon as possible .Mangulu patra said the work was full swing and would take some more days to remove the Silted material from the tank bed because silted is more in the tank we have used also dozer for some days due to rain water it also not move properly ..Every day the work starts early morning under my supervision .I wish to do more social work for the people which make me happy .I am getting supporting from the local people Nowdays Nila Madhab Binayak Samiti bali sahi road co-ordinate with 7 Sahi of Puri 42 Kandi of Puri people and some Ngo’s giving Supporting. Now the district administration has given four tractors to remove Silted Materials and few labors. The main problem which I am facing is labors problem to do the work. I need Orissa Government and District Puri administration full supporting to do this work. The Local Peoples of Puri town demands the Orissa Govt should help Mangulu patra for Nobel work he was doing for the people.Till now desalted material of the tank which has been removed from the tank deposited in upper step beside tank, few days left for monsoon to arrive puri if proper step should not taken in proper time then all the silted material will again go into the tank.

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