photo news >> 5th international seminar on puri jagannath (consciousness) globalisation

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Indonesian Dancer are at  Puri Sea Beach who came to perform cultural program in 5th international seminar on ”puri jagannath (consciousness) globalisation -A Prospect” and 2nd international cultural extravaganza in memory of Mahamohapadhya Deula Purohit Pandit Harihar Mohapatra.

Photo: Ranjan Ganguly

5th International Seminar on "Puri Jagannath ( Consciousness) Globalisation - A Project & 2nd International Culture Extravaganza in memory of Mahamopadaya Deula Puruhit Pandit Harihar Mohapatra or Hotel Holiday Resort puri Mahamohapadhya Deula Purohit Pandit Harihar Mohapatra