Ansara Fruit Bag ( ଫଳଭାର ) – Procession to Shri Jagannath Temple

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Anasasra period fruit offering to triad ( Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra & Subdhra), by Hathi Akhada Math. This traditional offering began from 30 -35 years back wishing to triad for early recovering form ill health. Unfortunately this service is closed timely, the service resume again at the year 2015 by the cooperation of  some devoted people.  From that day, every year at the time of Anasara period fruit offering from Biswamitra Ashram of Konark  reached to Hati Akhada Math. Then they take a procession to Lord Jagananth Temple for fruits  offering. Hati Akheda Matha is one of the monastery of Nirbani Akheda of Shri Ramananandi Sampradya, the monastery is placed near Balagandi sqare of Main Road ( Grandroad).

anasara Hathi Akhada Math

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