photo news >> Detachment of stone from Jagananth temple, Puri

Last Update: 1st Nov 2011   VIEWS: 4,281

One devotee named Sri Bula Pathala aged about 48 inhabitant of village Bhuban of Dhenkanal has been injured due to detachment of stone from the West-gate entrance temple of Sri Jagannath Temple.

The stone slab which fell at 11:30 am slid down from near the ‘Dadhi Nauti’ and was loose for quite some time, chief temple administrator, Pradip Kumar Mohapatra said.

In Bhubaneswar, Chief Secretary B K Patnaik said “The chief minister has written to the Union Culture minister on the safety of the temple.”

Stating that government was aware of the development, Patnaik told reporters, “obviously, ASI is accountable as it has been in charge of conservation of the temple for a long time.”

Photo: Ranjan Ganguly

Sri Jagannath temple