M.B.D Chatra Gaurab Samman was held at Puri

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M.B.D Chatrra Gaurav Samman

Photo: Ranjan Ganguly

M.B.D Chatra Gaurab Samman was held at Puri municipality town hall ( Puri Porsa Sadan ) on 22-7-2012 Sunday on behalf od M.B.D Group of Publication. Top ten of H.S.C examination, 2012 comprising twenty student along with their parents teachers have been honoured . For this purpose Sri Maheswar Mohanty, Minister, Panchayatraj attended as the Chief Guest, Sri Achuta Samant the founder of KIIT & KISS as chief Speaker & Prof K.C.Tikayatray, Smt. Santilata Pradhan chairperson Puri, Municipality as guest honor.

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