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Brahmananda (21 January 1863 – 10 April 1922), born Rakhal Chandra Ghosh , was one of the direct disciples of Ramakrishna and the first president of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission. He was born in Sikra Kulingram near Basirhat, Kolkata. Ramakrishna recognised him as his ‘spiritual son’. He became the first president of the mission. Known as “Raja Maharaj” (chief administrator), he was largely responsible for the initial development of the mission, which was remiss due to the death of Vivekananda.

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God is the wish-granting tree.Whatever a man asks of Him,He grants…you are sitting under this wish-granting tree.Ask Him to make you divine and you will become divine.Ask Him to make you a brute and brute you will become.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

It is maya which prevents the mind and senses from desiring to experience God,but a man who has realized Him has risenabove all the chains and attractions of maya.Maya reveals her mysteriesonly to him who has gone beyond maya.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

Life is eternal.The span of man’s life is at most a hundred years.Give up the pleasures of these hundred years if you want to enjoy eternal life and,with it,eternal bliss.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

Intelligence is but another name for ignorance,because its area is limited.THerefore,if a man wants to attain all knowledge and understand all mysteries,let him devote himself to the knowledge of God.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

The more you meditate on God,the better will be your understanding of holy books.To hear about knowledge of God is one thing,to live in God is another.But the knowledge acqured through realization is different from both.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection
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