Teachings of the Disciples of Sri Ramakrushna




The path to spiritual growth is much easier with the help of people who have already achieved perfection and can answer your questions about overcoming the many obstacles that come up. Back in print after many years, this is the original collection of the sayings of the disciples of Ramakrishna, arranged by subject. From the Table of Contents: Fundamental Tenets; External Behavior: The Guru and Holy Company; Service; General Advice; Food and Personal Habits; Pilgrimages; Moral Principles: Morality; Truth; Duty;Forbearance and Compassion; Purity; Continence and Self-Control; Mental Attitudes; Spiritual Practices: Ritualistic Worship; Pranayama; Prayer; Japa; Meditation; Realization..

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Even if God were to appear before us to bring peace into our souls,we would refuse to recognize Him.For when He comes He takes away our worldly possessions,and few of us are ready to make this sacrifice.

— Swami Vijnanananda, Precepts for Perfection

Until it is realized by you that the path to man’s liberation lies through the renunciation of the desire for enjoyment and through the acquisition of inwardness,you will never be able to know the indivisible truth beyond time and space and be in peace.

— Swami Saradananda, Precepts for Perfection

When a man renounces all worldly cravings and regards God as his own,God is very near.Such a man binds God to him with the fetters of love.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

There is no deceiving God.If you love anything other then God and do not renounce all for Him,you cannot realize Him.

— Swami Turiyananda, Precepts for Perfection

Sri Ramakrishna could never bear the touch of money.Always remember his words.Money is at the root of all the disaster you see in the world.Money may lure one’s mind into other temptations.Beware!

— Holy Mother, Precepts for Perfection

Seek God and God alone.Renounce lust and greed and make Him your sole treasure.First renounce mentally.Outward renunciation will follow if you detach your mind from the transiory,unreal objects of the world and attach it to God.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

Renunciation has nothing to do with the wearing of the religious habit.It is not for show.He alone is a real monk who has given himself up completely to god,keeping nothing for himself.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

There is no fear in renunciation.It is in attachment that fear lies.

— Swami Turiyananda, Precepts for Perfection

When the Lord sees that man is finding it hard to give up anything for Him,then He Himself takes it away.

— Swami Turiyananda, Precepts for Perfection

As a bird flies to the sky with its two wings,so we must have the two wings of discrimination and renunciation to[rise to]liberation.

— Swami Turiyananda, Precepts for Perfection
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