Bhakta Balaram Das Sand Animation By Manas Kumar Sahoo




International renowned sand artist & animator Mr. Manas Kumar Sahoo has created a sand animation video for the ensuing car festival. In this animation video he has presented the popular story of bhakta Balaram Das the renowned devotee of Lord Jagannath. On one occasion Bhakta Balaram Das was forcibly not allowed to climb the car of Lord Jagannath. In great disappointment he went to the sea shore at Banki muhan and prepares the car of Lord Jagannath in sand and started praying lord Jagannath for giving view justice to him. At that time despite all kinds of efforts the car of lord Jagannath did not move even an inch. All sebayat people and king of Puri were very much astonished as the car was not moving. It is said Lord Jagannath in front the king in been that unless Balaram Das comes to the car the car will not move. The king along with the sebayat went to the Balaram Das and apologies and requested him to come to the car for that the car will move and the car festival continue. For preparing this video the artist has made a continuous effort for 10 hours and the video is of duration of 6 minutes 8 second.

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