Retrun Journey Of Lord Jagannath To Shree Mandir






Bahuda Jatra is one of the key part of Rathyatra, the deities return to Shree Mandir .

Bahuda Jatra - Return Journey Of Lord Jagannath From Gundicha Badi

Bahuda Jatra – Return Journey Of Lord Jagannath From Gundicha Badi

The four main functions that are observed during the Yatra are Pahandi Vije of three Lords Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra and Cherapahara by the King or Gajapati of Puri and ultimately the Ghosa Yatra and Bahuda Yatra of three Lords.

Bahuda Jatra Niti
Mangala Arati, Mailama, Tadap Lagi,Rosha Homa, Abakasha, Suryapuja, Dwarapala Puja, Besha Sesha, Gopal Balabha Sakala Dhupa, Senapata Lagi, Mangalaarpna, Bahuda Pahandi, Besha Sesha, Chera Pahanra, Charamala Phita & Goda Lagiba, Rathatana Arambha,

Bahuda puri odisha Bahuda Jatra

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