Sri Gundicha Temple Sammarjana ( cleaning )




Large number of devotee assembled at Jhanjapita Matha Just before Rathayatra, mostly they are from west Bengal . The cleaning of Gundicha Temple is done by them , the day before Rathayatra, rituals are described clearly in Sri Caitanya Charitamritta .

sri-gundicha-mandiram atma-vrindaih
sammarjayan kshalanatah sa gaurah
sva-chitta-vach chhitalam ujjvalam cha
krishnopavesaupayikam chakara (Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita: Madhya-lila, 12.1)

“Sri Gaurasundar swept and cleansed the Gundicha temple with His devotees, making it as cool and bright as His own Heart and a befitting sitting place for Sri Krishna.”

Singing kirtans and carrying different things on their heads . They also perform sankirtans in Jagananth Temple praise enthusiastically the greatness of Lord

Jhanjapita Matha Sri Gundicha Temple Sammarjana Gundicha Temple

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