Kartika Masa Akash Deepa Daan – Sky Light




The significance of Kartika Deepa has been emphasized : Ahead of each house, one should arrange a man size pole with the formation of a Deepa Yantra to facilitate the display of eight Deepas with a main deepa in the middle to signify a swing to let Shri Vishnu be seated and enjoy the oscillation ! The relevant Mantra would say: Damodaraaya nabhasi tulaayan dolayaa saha, Pradeepantey prayacchaami Namonantaaya vedhasey! ( May I offer a Deepa-like swing to Lord Ananta which would oscillate back and forth on the Sky in the form of an Akaasha Deepa or a Sky Light!). This symbolic Akaasha Deepa should last through out the Kartika Maasa, conveying the blessings of Vishnu the Creator of the entire Universe to one and all! .

akasha deepa Kartika Masa

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