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    As the person appeared on top of the Jagannath Temple and started to change the flag the crowd gathered there,started cheering up,”Jai Jagannath”.The Jagannath temple 215ft.high,where the flag is changed everyday at the sunset and a new flag is hoisted on a post attached to the Chakra (wheel),it is on top of the temple,made of eight types of metals,11ft8inch in length and circomference is 36ft,the wheel is also called the Neela Chakra and Vishnu Chakra.

    The Jagannath Temple is a fine example of Kalinga architecture,everyday a new flag is prepared of triangular shape and a person climbs up the temple at sunset, with his back to the wall with the new flag,and after changing the flag,he brings down the previous days flag and climbs down,with his back to the temple wall.

    The person hoists the flag everyday is from the family or sevayats who were given the rights for hoisting the flag 800 years ago by the king who built the Puri Jagannath Temple.To overcome fear,the male members of the family are to practice vigorously of start climbing the temple at an age of 10-12 years.It is very thrilling sight to see a person climbing such a high temple without any climbing gear or any other support.Pilgrims,if they are lucky enough,can collect the piece of flag,and they keep the piece,for good luck.

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    Devotional drama ‘Bhakta Karmabai’  has staged at muktakash rangamanch #puri #odisha sand sculpture on the eve of World Tuberculosis Day on the Golden sea beach Puri Dance Drama & Puppetry cultural event organised by Rotary Club of Shri Jagannath Dhama DURGA MADHAB World Water Day on Golden Sea Beach Puri, Odisha sandart by Sri Manas Kumar Sahoo
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