5th world-class sand art has been unveiled by Internationally-known Sand Artist Mr. Manas Kumar Sahoo




Art lovers are taking pleasure in watching world-class arts. Except in foreign countries, those people who could not see world-class arts in India, they are enjoying such arts at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park situated at the golden sea-beach of Baliapanda, near Light House Sea-Beach of Puri City. Today, Manas Sahoo has unveiled his 5th world-class sand art and has dedicated it to people, which is earning great appreciation not just by the local people but by tourists from all over the world. Today’s sand art has been captioned with “Creator of Earth”. To build this 10” feet height sand sculpture some 25 tonnes of sand was used. It took Mr. Sahoo and the students of his Institute nearly forty hours to build this sculpture.

Festival in Puri

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