A sand sculpture on “Stop Terrorism” at sea beach, Puri




After the 26/11 terrorist attack, again there was serial blast in Mumbai. Yesterday the terrorists blast at opera house and Bus stop of Mumbai. Nearly 140 people were injured and 21 people were lost their lives in the fateful multiple blast that took place at opera house. People from each corner of the country condemned these attacks.

International sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik created an 8ft high sand sculpture on “Stop Terrorism” at puri beach of Orissa, Where he shows the Mumbai city and a face with message “Stop Terrorism”. Pattnaik said that terrorism has no place in the territory of humanity and All Ideologies end up killing people.

Pattnaik took 5 hours to complete this sculpture and used 5 tones of sand. Students of his Sudarsan sand art institute joins hand with him to complete this sculpture.

Sudarsan is the brand ambassador of NALCO. So far he has participated in more than 47 international sand sculpture championships and festivals around the World and won many prizes for our country

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