On eve of New Year Sand Art on Lord Bishnu source of all kind of peace & happiness

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The International sand artist and animator Sri Manas Kumar Sahoo, on the eve of ensuring year 2014 has prepared a sand sculpture of Lord Bishnu at the Golden Sea Beach, Puri and distance of 65km from Bhubaneswar the Capital of Odisha. Lord Bishnu is originator of the universe, all the animals living beings including mankind and each and every items of the world.

The Lord protects us from all evils, punishes criminal & culprit and is the source of all kind of peace & happiness. On Christmas made a four dimensional European art covering not only the massage of protecting women but also to pay due regard and respect for them. But on the occasion of the New Year Mr. Sahoo wants that Lord Bishnu to give protection to the mankind by giving health, happiness & peace of mind.

On New Year generally people greet each other and respect peace and happiness, but sand artist Mr. Sahoo wants that Lord Bishnu who has created us to provide all kinds of peace & happiness to all. The sculpture is a 12 ft. standing statue of Lord Bishnu, using 20 tons. of sand by labour of 20 hours. In this preparation he has assisted by Miss Monalisa Sahoo, Miss Itishree Sahoo and Mr. Chitta Ranjan Mohanty.

Odisha Sand Art Lord Bishnu Sand Art At Puri

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