Sudarsan Pattnaik made SandArt Goddess Durga IS KILLING CORRUPTION




On account of 50th Durga Puja of Agragamee Sangha, Siliguri (A renowned Club of Cricket Based) have decided to do something new and have invited the great Inter National Sand artist Mr. Sudarsan Pattnaik from Orissa to create unique and beautiful sculpture with sand and Mr. Sudarsan agreed upon to do his sculpture against corruption in the country. He is also requested by us to make an effect of mini Sea Beach of Puri an thus Mr. Sudarsan started sculpture of the said Mini Puri alongside against corruption, the theme of his for the year. Mr. Sudarsan has created a sand sculpture of Goddess Durga of 10 feet height who is killing the Mahisasur (in disguise corruption) on the Puja Pandal of Agragamee Sangha, 35 Haren Mukherjee Road, Asrampara, and Siliguri. Today Sudarsan has completed his sculpture and we are really happy to see his work and Mr. Bijoy Bhoumick, the General Secretary of the Club said “amazing, flamboyant”. He has used 24 trucks of sand for the sculpture collected from the local river (Mahananda) side.

Mr. Sudarsan has participated more than 45 sand sculpture championships around the world and he is first Indian who has won World Championship Title in 2008 in Berlin. Recently he won the Gold Medal at Moscow.

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