Vajan / Prayer



People of Odisha, especially Puri
in every walk of life and pilgrimage
harbour in mind Durga and Madhab
for peace and prosperity and praise.

In general, Durga worshipped with Siva
being spiritual spouse as scripture ancient
But Durga with Madhab or Jagannath
is really amazing and cognizant.

Shiva, Bhabani, Bishnu, Ganesh and Surya
‘Pancha Devas’ adored on Ratna Simhasan
Balabhadra Shiva, Subhadra Bhabani,
Jagannath Bishnu
Sudarsan as Ganesh and Surya, apostle of

In Durga Madhab-Worship, Jagannath Bhairab
On Snana Yatra, He is Gananatha
Saktas worship as Dakshinakali
Marvellous His pastimes and worth.

Shiva, Bishnu, Ganesh, Surya are Purushas
Subhadra, Durga, Sridevi, Bhudevi Prakruti
When Bimala is considered as Bhairabi
Jagannath is Bhairab, profound entity.

‘Ma’ represents Prakruti, ‘Dhaba’, Purusha
‘Madhab’, combination of ‘Ma’ and ‘Dhaba’
represent union of Prakruti and pususha
or worship of Sakti-Saktiman, really absorb

Further Jagannath is ‘Arddha Nariswar’
half female and male, in antique scripture
Before wedding ceremony of Rukmini (Sridevi)
Sridevi and Madan Mohan come to altar.

From left arm of Jagannath, garland of order
offered to Rukmini, from right to Madanmohan
Left functions as female and Right male
A nice blend of Sakti and Saktiman.

Durga Madhab worship celebrated in ‘Aswin’
From dark eighth day to bright ninth
After getting garland of order, celebration starts
and both fastened on wooden platform tight.

Both carried in palanquin to Vimala temple
to be worshipped there for eight days
Before ‘Bamachar’ starts, set off on ninth
to be adored in Narayani temple, next phase.

On Dasahara, Both move to Jagannath Ballav
on chariot
followed by Balaram and Krishna by Palanquin
Madan Mohan sets off on Mani Biman
for celebration of Dashahara, how fine !!

Architecture on Bhogamandap outer wall
and Konark temple reveal the truth
Durga Madhab with Shiva Linga in between
Show worship of Purusha Prakruti, both.

Journey of Durga Madhab on chariot
described as ‘Sakta Gundicha’, the sacred one
one who beholds this paying prostration
gets salvation by Sakti and Saktiman.

Wonderful is this Puri, land of pastimes
full of celebrations often
poet avails all with hearts content
due to grace of the Paramount One.

Er. Raghunath Patra, Brindaban Dham, Lokanath Road,
Patna Haat Sahi Lane Chhaka, Po/Dist.-Puri-1.

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