Mahima of Shri Lord Jagannath :: Transformation of a Male to Female




Jagannath Das, the renowned poet and composer of odiya Bhagavata who was adorned with a great devotee of Lord Jagannath. While composing the stanzas of his monumental epic he used to recite the same amidst hundreds of audience near Bata Ganesh, in side the holy temple. Once some of the attendants of king being ennvious reported before the Gajapati that Jagannath Das was playing with the morality of young girls ad house-wives and spoiling their character.

The king summoned the poet ad wanted to punish him for the allegations. In reply Jagannath Das said that while narrating the story of Sri Krisna in the stanzas of Bhagabat he transforms himself to a child before children, to a lady before ladies and to old man before old me. Smilingly the king asked, “Let us see, how you became a women !

It was a great challenge to Jagannath Das and He was taken aback. But one moment gained strength by uttering the name of the Lord in the core of his heart and the Lord, who had saved Draupadi in Kuru Sabha, saved him. To the utter surprise of all members of the royal court the young poet-stood transformed to a beautiful woman. Is was also no magic, the patches of menstrual flow was apparent on the clothes itself !

Mangalacharana of Bhagabata ( Prathama Scandha, Page 1 & 2 )

The king surrendered in folded hands and allowed the poet to recite his Bhagabat both in side and outside the temple. Jagannath want on for a bath by the grace of Almighty got back his original masculine form.

Mahima of Shri Lord Jagannath odiya Bhagavata Jagannath Das

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