Green Durga – Sand Art for awareness of Global Warming


Green Durga

Durga Puja symbolises our eternal journey to self-realisation and not just the victory of good over evil. Preparations at the puja mandaps across the country have completed as the five-day long Durga Puja. The Hindus worship ‘Shakti’ or divine power embodied in Devi (goddess) Durga.

Especially this festival is famous in Eastern part of India. In a unique way Artist praying Goddess Durga to save the earth from global warming at Puri beach of Orissa. Now Global Warming is a serious issue for the Earth which causes the destruction of green environment. Recently hundred world leaders are meeting in New York for the U.N. Climate Change Summit. So this time I created a sand image of Goddess Durga spreading the message to maintain the environment with green plants, said International sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik.

Pattnaik has created a face of Goddess Durga wearing green leaves as ornament and a burning globe behind her. Students of his Golden sand art Institute join hand with him. He used 10 tones of sand and took 5 hours to create this 7 ft height sculpture.

I am worried about the effects of Global Warming so I would like to create awareness about the topic through sand sculpture, said Pattnaik. Since last two year I have created many sculpture on Global Warming not only in our country but also around the World, said Pattnaik. I am requesting to all the Puja committee in our country to spend some money on plantation to save the Earth. Last year Pattnaik got the World champion title by creating a sculpture on the theme of global warming.

Sudarsan has so far participated in more than 39 international sand sculpture championships across the world and won many awards for the country.

ମା ନାରସିଂହୀ ଦେବୀଙ୍କ ଏକ ଅବତାର, ଯାହା ବିଷ୍ଣୁଙ୍କ ଅବତାର ନରସିଂହ ପରି ଦେଖାଯାନ୍ତି । ମା ନାରସିଂହୀ ମାଙ୍କର ଷୋଡସ ମାତୃକା ଅବତାରର ଏକ…
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They were Heritage makers ... small tribute to those carver ( bindhani ) who possibly emerged lotus from stone.…