Teachings of the Disciples of Sri Ramakrushna




The path to spiritual growth is much easier with the help of people who have already achieved perfection and can answer your questions about overcoming the many obstacles that come up. Back in print after many years, this is the original collection of the sayings of the disciples of Ramakrishna, arranged by subject. From the Table of Contents: Fundamental Tenets; External Behavior: The Guru and Holy Company; Service; General Advice; Food and Personal Habits; Pilgrimages; Moral Principles: Morality; Truth; Duty;Forbearance and Compassion; Purity; Continence and Self-Control; Mental Attitudes; Spiritual Practices: Ritualistic Worship; Pranayama; Prayer; Japa; Meditation; Realization..

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He who is able to renounce all for His sake is a living God.

— Holy Mother, Precepts for Perfection

…you will have to do everything.From outside will come only suggestions;the rest has to be accomplished by one’s own efforts.The power of the guru is the suggestion.

— Swami Shivananda, Precepts for Perfection

Be self-reliant.Self-effort is absolutely necessary for success in the spiritual life.Follow some spiritual discipline for at least three years,and then,if you find you have made no tangible progress,you may come back and slap my face!

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

Simply reading books and repeating the phrases will not do any good;you will have to understand the real spirit and search after that realization with your whole heart and soul.Then and then alone will you attain to it,and not until then.

— Swami Abhedananda, Precepts for Perfection

Do not sleep the sleep of ignorance.Keep yourself constantly awake by the practice of spiritual disciplines.Without spiritual practice life is meaningless;the truth of God remains unknown.

— Swami Adbhutananda, Precepts for Perfection

If a man does not struggle hard to realize God,he remains steeped in ignorance…Accept all struggles boldly.Welcome them,for through them you shall surely find peace.

— Swami Brahmananda, Precepts for Perfection

Banish all fear and weakness.Never weaken your mind by thinking of past

— Swami Turiyananda, Precepts for Perfection
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