Bhabakundaleswar Temple – Picnic spot near puri

Picnic spot near puri Dahikhia Bhabakundaleswar Temple


The Bhabakundaleswar temple of Lord Shiva at Manikpatna is located on the left side of the N.H. – 203 leading from Puri to Satapada branching at a distance of 3.3 kms from Dahikhia chowk and situated at a distance of half km from the sea shore,Bay of Bengal. It is about 43.7 kms from Puri township.

Festival like Sivaratri, Kartika Purnima, Ekadasi, etc are observed. This temple is protected monument of Orissa State Archaeology and under Endowment Department, Government of Orissa.

Bhabakundaleswar temple Bhabakundaleswar temple
Bhabakundaleswar temple Bhabakundaleswar temple
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