Bedi Hanuman Temple

The temple is located on the left side of the Chakratirtha road leading from Subash Bose Chowk to Penthakata, Puri. In this living temple, the enshrined deity is a two armed Hanuman, holding a ladu in left hand a mace in his right hand. The parsvadevata niches of western raha houses the images of Anjana […] Hearing, Recitation, Memorization, Worship, Recitation Of Virtues, Foot Service, Service,…


ଧ୍ୟାନଦେବାକୁ ଅନୁରୋଧ ।

When one is attached nei..

When one is attached neither to sense-objects nor to actions and has given up all desires, then he is said to be Y…

Katha Safala Ekdashi


Yudhisthira Maharaj said, “O my Dear Lord Sri Krishna, what is the name of that Ekadasi that occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Pausha (December-January)? How is it observed, and which Deity is to be worshipped on that sacred day? Please narrate these details to me fully, so that I may understand […]

Pusha Rabibar Katha || ପୁଷ ରବିବାର କଥା


Pandu Osha In Odisha


Pandu Osha, is observed in Odisha in the Margashira month. It is belived that after observing this Osha one can get their Luck. Ths Osha is dedicated to Yudhistira, the eldest of the Pandava brothers. Some other said this Osha is dedicated to Maharaj Pandu the father of Pandavas. Generaly Pandu Osha Falls on full […]

Kurala Panchami


Kurala Panchami the five-day festival of Kurala Panchami, at this time potter stop all work (potting, farming, and manual labour). Chak puja (worship of the wheels and all the other tools used in pottery making and sculpting) is the major focus of the festival.Just prior to the festival, the women in potters family resurface all […]

Odhana Sasthi – deities wear winter garments


It is observed on Margasira Sukla Sasthi Tithi i.e. the sixth day of the bright fortnight of Margasira (November-December).  Margasira Sukla Sasthi  is also celebrated as Prabarana Sasthi . From this day Ghodalagi of the deities begins and the deities wear winter garments (heavy winter garments) till Magha Sukla Panchami or Basanta Panchami i.e. 5th […]

Temples Near Hastidwara ( North Gate ) of Jagannath Temple


The  Hastidwara (Aisvraya)  or  the  elephant  gate  on  the  north  opens  upto   aflight  of  13  steps  of  Khandalite  leading  to  inner  enclosure,  the  deities  of  Lokanth,  Uttarayni, Laxmi, Nrusimha  and  Varaha  and  Sitala  have  been  installed  in  the  outer  enclosure. A  sacred  well  known  as   Suna  Kuna  exists  here.  The  water  of  the  well  is  […]

Quotes Of Spiritual Life

You have no right to judge a man unless you are capable of doing what he does better than himself.

— Mira alfassa